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WebRTC video conferencing / screen sharing

Simon Woodhead

Simon Woodhead

15th April 2014

WebRTC is going to change the game completely for all of us. Whilst it is potentially devastating for our industry commercially, it also presents huge opportunities and is without doubt an unstoppable force. We’re therefore keen to embrace it and run with it, rather than ignore or fight it, and are pleased to be working with the leaders in this space at such an early stage.

Customers interested in learning more or capitalising on WebRTC might be interested in checking out using Google Chrome v34 or later. This is our implementation of Jitsi Video-bridge for multi-party audio and video conferencing directly from the browser. This combines the awesomeness of Jitsi with the huge bandwidth and CPU resources we have available in our London site, to deliver an excellent end-user experience.

Please feel free to make use of the video-bridge and let us know your feedback. Naturally, it is provided without warranty or charge and may be withdrawn if abused.

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