Simwood at ClueCon

Simon Woodhead

Simon Woodhead

29th July 2014

We’ll be at ClueCon in Chicago August 4-7th. Simon Woodhead will be presenting there, building on our previous fraud presentations.

We spoke at both LINX and Kamailio World earlier this year about our VoIP Fraud research and in particular the numerous measures we have in place to protect our customers. The talk and research concluded with the oft-quoted rebuff by our competitors that this won’t scale, to which we respond that we’re already handling 300k operations per second, yet according to customers who have tested we route calls many times quicker than competitors, despite all our additional checks.

This talk attempts to explain how and gives unique insight into Simwood’s architecture which enables this, from our nationally distributed optimised IP network, through our multiple PSTN interconnects and eventually to our call routing stack. We’re confident this will be of interest to customers and competitors alike!

We hope to see you in Chicago!

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