Simwood VoIP Fraud Analysis – get your copy now

Simon Woodhead

Simon Woodhead

13th February 2014

As regular readers will know, Simwood has operated a VoIP Honeypot since 2011. The findings from it shape many of the market-leading features we offer to keep you and your customers safe from the expense of a security incident.

We have been doing some analysis of three years of data, which represents over 60m events. We’ve uncovered some amazing and shocking things but also have some good news!

Our findings and the practical steps you can take to protect yourself will be released next week. Our findings were presented at the quarterly LINX meeting in London and later in the March edition of Comms Business. We’re also making our research available in a 24 page report to a limited audience. If you would like to apply* for your free copy please register now.

Simwood offers a unique portfolio of tools to protect your business and the report carries several practical no-cost recommendations to reduce the likelihood of, or limit the damage from, you falling victim to this estimated $46bn a year industry.

* Circulation is limited and at our discretion, with priority will be given to active customers.

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