Freephone calls from payphones

Simon Woodhead

Simon Woodhead

30th September 2014

Effective October 2nd our Freephone rates will change as below. The change is an increase in the cost of calls from Payphones following a further substantial increase by BT.

(our current pricing can always be found in the Knowledgebase)

Day Evening Weekend
Normal Calls 1.3ppm 0.9ppm 0.9ppm
Mobile Originated 1.3ppm 0.9ppm 0.9ppm
Payphone Originated 80ppm 80ppm 80ppm

Where appropriate, Virtual Interconnect customers will be charged the above rates for their number ranges, with an adjustment (generally a refund) back to actual cost in the monthly reconciliation.

Know the cost before you answer
We’d remind customers that Simwood sets an X-Origin header in our INVITE where appropriate. This will be set to “mobile” or “payphone” as appropriate and will not be present for normal calls, enabling you to respond accordingly. e.g;

X-Origin: payphone

Other networks do not tell you that a call may trigger a surcharge which can lead to expensive surprises when their CDRs eventually arrive. With clear advice of charges, real-time CDRs and a clear portal for reconciliation we look forward to Simwood being the home for your future 0800/0808 business.

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