Further guidance on OFCOM’s “Service Charge” changes

Simon Woodhead

Simon Woodhead

16th October 2014

We previously discussed what changes were afoot and suggested customers hold-fire from responding to OFCOM’s demands until the situation was more clear. We recommend you read our previous post for background.

Whilst we’re still unaware of consensus over the 80 charge points momentum does seem to be gathering behind those previously cited as identified by the external report. OFCOM have today issued further guidance suggesting that those 80 charge points are in fact agreed and that by using them they “might expect” CP’s to be compliant with the revised sections of GC17 relating to them.

OFCOM gave CP’s to the 31st of October to confirm which chargebands they wished to use and whilst the process of negotiation and agreement has not yet concluded, this seems to be about as close as we’ll get to that within the imposed deadline. Whilst we still consider this to be a case of the cart being put before the horse, we recommend customers now elect chargebands from the 80 previously advised and fill in OFCOM’s forms accordingly.

We will be in touch in due course with Virtual Interconnect customers regarding actual changes to their chargebands.

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