November Update on Simwood Mobile

Ross Mckillop

Ross Mckillop

27th November 2014

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Unbundled Mobile

iphone-6plus-whiteAs some of you know we were aiming to launch Simwood Mobile during the summer using an off-the-shelf MVNE offering, but once we got into testing for that service we decided it wasn’t able to perform to the high standards we expect and we weren’t comfortable bringing a sub-standard product to market. A lot has changed since then; we’ve partnered with a terrific MNO who have built us our own core mobile network so we’re only relying on our host mobile operator’s Radio Access Network instead of fighting against inflexible mobile cores and billing systems that were never designed to do what we’re doing with them. For an example of the sort of flexibility available see this video I made for our blog back in May.

All of this means we can offer you a true unbundled mobile service where all voice, text and data traffic is hairpinned through your own equipment as required. It also means we have full mobile number portability.

In short: we’ve become an MVNE.

Timescales and Pricing
By far the most common questions I hear are “when can we have it” and “how much is it” and while our full pricing isn’t quite ready for release yet I am pleased to tell you that we’re on track for a Q1 2015 launch of our £150 Developer Pack which gives you a handful of SIMs for your own internal use, some mobile numbers from our own mobile range, access to the MVNO API and an MVNO agreement to run your own mobile operator; basically everything you need to get started.

Pre-commitment Programme
For those of you who are looking to order 5,000 or more SIMs we’re able to offer some hefty discounts that are locked in for the life of those SIMs. Do get in touch if you’re interested in this as we have limited spaces available.

Virtual Interconnect Mobile
Some of you have obtained your own mobile number ranges from Ofcom but have found it’s difficult (or impossible) to use them for anything other than voice. I’m pleased to announce that with our new Virtual Interconnect Mobile product we can host your mobile range for you with voice, SMS and full mobile number portability. We already have a number of customers in the establishment phase for this product including an established mobile operator who wanted more flexibility for their numbering.

Due to the nature of the mobile industry it can take 6-12 months and sometimes even longer to data-fill SMS on a mobile range so if you’re sitting on an Ofcom mobile allocation you’ll want to get in touch with us ASAP to get the process started.
Hopefully this has answered some of your questions, please feel free to get in touch if you have any more and I look forward to bringing you further updates as development progresses on the Simwood Mobile product.

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