NGCS Outpayment Changes

Simon Woodhead

Simon Woodhead

13th June 2015

As a consequence of NGCS, all 08 number ranges we currently make out-payments on will be shifting to new Service Charges. This also means our out-payments will change slightly too.

Unlike most it seems, we have tried to keep the Service Charge in line with the previous BT Retail rate to minimise consumer harm from existing usage of numbers. Accordingly, our out-payments will not change with the exception of 0845.

Our 0845 874 range will be SC008 from July 1st, and thus no longer has a connection charge / ppc element. Thus for calls from July 1st onwards there will be no revenue share ‘per call’, only ‘per minute’.

Our current out-payments are shown in the knowledge-base. We intend to revisit these once the dust has settled after NGCS but meanwhile, customers with large NGN/PRS traffic are encouraged to speak to us about Virtual Interconnect where the out-payment is 100% of the wholesale interconnect rate and therefore significantly higher than managed services such as BT IPX.

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