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Introducing the New Simwood Portal

Ross Mckillop

Ross Mckillop

8th July 2015

We’ve really appreciated all the positive feedback of our new beta portal (v3) since it’s introduction last August and are pleased to announce that, effective from this week, it replaces the former v2 Customer Portal and can be found at

Built on the Simwood API

The new portal is built entirely on the Simwood API and brings the unique and powerful features of the Simwood API to a wider audience, in a more human-friendly format.  This is a great example of what can be achieved with our API.

The portal was developed by a developer new to the Simwood team. Initially, no information was provided other than our standard Customer API documentation and there was nothing in the portal that could not be achieved in the API (later, we wrapped it in some authentication, and added the payment integration allowing you to amend your stored payment details, or make an immediate top-up to your account by credit or debit card)

Advanced Fraud Controls

Our flexible anti-fraud controls and trunk-level configuration are now exposed in the portal allowing you to easily configure trunks and protective measures such as channel limits and call rate limits.

Simwood Mobile

The portal now includes the ability to configure your Simwood Mobile SIMs as SIP endpoints, or to register to your PBX.  This is only available to our mobile development customers, so if you’ve not yet got your Simwood Mobile Developer Pack, you can order one via the portal.

Let us know what you think

Although out of beta, development on the portal continues and we appreciate any feedback you have – please don’t hesitate to raise a ticket with any issues, or with any suggestions you may have.

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