Lower pricing for Simwood Mobile

Ross Mckillop

Ross Mckillop

29th October 2015

Simwood Mobile has been out for a while now and we’re seeing all kinds of services being built on-top of it, from call recording and business PBX integration through to some fantastic niche markets that just weren’t possible to exploit with the high startup costs associated with traditional MVNO providers.

By far the number one piece of feedback we’ve had, and always acknowledged, is that our data pricing is restrictively high; while that’s not always a problem for a business service it does somewhat restrict the flexibility and competitiveness of our customers when building the commercials for their services.

We’re pleased to announce today that we’ve worked hard with our Radio Access Network partner to bring lower data prices to all of our customers and that these lower prices will apply from next week for all Simwood Mobile customers.

We’ll be raising the fixed monthly service charge of a SIM in order to offer a lower data price of 2p per MB (down from 2.5p/MB) on our standard wholesale pricing. For those looking for even lower pricing; we’ll be introducing a new commitment level which offers savings across the product but drops data to 1.5p/MB. For customers able to commit to higher levels we can now drop data to sub-1p/MB! Developer Pack pricing remains unchanged.

Hopefully you’ll agree that this is a very exciting improvement that helps us further the cause of opening up the mobile industry to ITSPs and ensures that our customers will continue to be able to push boundaries and innovate when building their mobile services.

While we’re talking about mobile we’d like to give everyone an update on where we are with Mobile Number Portability – we’re pleased to say that MNP testing has now taken place with the major UK operators and we hope to launch this to customers very early next year at the latest – hopefully sooner but as with everything that relies on working closely with big mobile operators this is subject to change.

Even before porting goes live we won’t be resting as we’re starting to work on an answer to the second most common piece of feedback, and one of the trickier technical solutions to solve: international roaming!

One final thing that’s also coming soon is actually an answer to our third most common request and that’s bundled pricing. Next week we’ll be introducing tiered data pricing on a per-SIM basis depending on how much data you add to a SIM (meaning the new data pricing above will get even lower the more you allocate to a SIM).

If you’d like to know more about Simwood Mobile, our pricing changes or how they will affect you then please don’t hesitate to get in touch via or 0330 122 3000

You can also download the Simwood Mobile Brochure for further information on our mobile products.

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