Terms of Service Changes

Simon Woodhead

Simon Woodhead

27th October 2015

It has been many years since our terms were written and both our business and the market have changed a lot. We have therefore updated our Master Service Agreement (MSA). Please take a moment to review these updated terms. By continuing to use our services from December 1st 2015, you consent to the changes.

The major changes are as follows:

  • Our previous terms were written when we only offered IP address authentication. With the advent of trunks, and the possibility customers could send end-user traffic directly to us, we wanted to improve this. We have therefore clarified a few terms and clauses to better reflect this.

  • Nobody offers as many features to protect you and your customers from fraud, although many talk the talk. Whilst most of our customers use and appreciate them heavily, some don’t and you can guess who causes us the headaches! We’re committed to offering the best protections and, whilst we don’t warranty those protections at the moment, we want all our customers to use them and your end users to be as protected as possible. The updated terms therefore expect customers to take advantage of them.

  • Presently, where a call commences in one time band (e.g. day) and concludes in another (e.g. evening), we charge each second at the appropriate rate for that time-band. That is different to the way the rest of the industry does it and whilst it felt like the right thing to do, is not widely appreciated. Furthermore, the majority of calls now have the same rate at all times of day anyway. We will therefore be changing to billing the entire call based on when it started in line with the rest of the industry.

  • Finally, there are some subtle changes to clarify that customers are liable for charges whether or not the call was authorised by your end user. This has always been the case but the wording has been tightened up.

If you have questions or concerns about this information, please contact us.

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