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IP Transit Changes

Simon Woodhead

Simon Woodhead

15th January 2016

It is important we continue to develop our IP network to ensure maximum stability and performance for customers. As we mentioned in “Surviving Someone Else’s DDoS“, attack survivability and ensuring no congestion for customers is more of a concern for our network than optimising the number of parallel cat pictures we’re able to deliver per £ spent.

With that in mind we have dramatically increased our edge transit capacities in all sites and are making some tier-1 carrier changes too. These will be effected in routing over coming weeks and, where appropriate, affected customers will be notified.


– We’re removing our duplicate port to GTT
– We’ve added Cogent into the mix at much higher capacity
– No change to NTT


– We are ceasing our Level 3 port due to recent issues
– They are being replaced by TeliaSonera at much higher capacity


– GTT capacity is being dramatically increased


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