Mobile Update!

Simon Woodhead

Simon Woodhead

29th April 2016

Further our recent posts discussing what we were going to do to simplify mobile (both commercially and technically), we’re delighted to report we’ve now done it!

New brochure
The new brochure for Simwood Mobile is available on-line and gives further details of the new packages we’ve announced. Based on your amazing feedback we’re confident and excited that these are going to be a big deal.

Add a packageWithin the portal (or mobile API) you now have the option to convert an eligible SIM, e.g. an existing Developer Pack SIM or non-committed Unbundled SIM, to take packages. This is a one-way change and will enable you to select, and subsequently manage, the package options on your SIM.

You can combine multiple packages, and multiple instances of packages (with the exception of the Developer and Complete Pack which are limited to one per SIM). Additionally, customers with Developer accounts can only access Developer Packages. Your Simwood account will need to be Startup or above to be eligible to add production packages.

There are a couple of caveats with this feature. Firstly, this feature is in beta; the underlying mobile service is not of course. Secondly, where a package includes a ported MSISDN this is dependent on MNP being available. You can add a production package and use it fully with other numbering but cannot port a mobile number into it until MNP is live.

All customers with Simwood Mobile SIMs will notice additional numbers in the portal and API of type “MSISDN”. These are the numbers associated with your SIMs, as discussed in our recent technical update, and can be configured like any other inbound number via the portal or API. These are not for production use due to the limitations previously announced.

There is, therefore, no charge for these numbers, and they do not count towards any number limit on your account.

As these MSISDNs are intrinsically attached to a SIM, they cannot be deleted but will be removed if the associated host SIM is deactivated.

Invoice Payment Method Required
As previously announced, we encourage all customers to ensure a valid payment method is configured for payment of invoices raised on your account. The Mobile Packages discussed above are only available to accounts with a valid settlement method on file; either Direct Debit (UK GBP only) or Credit/Debit Card.

MNP – Mobile Number Porting
As mentioned last week, this is now progressing internally to reflect the changes we’ve made in the interests of getting it over the line. Stay tuned!



I’d like to thank our team for a herculean effort pulling this together over the last week along with many other exciting projects we haven’t shown you just yet!

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