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Call Forwarding and Trunks

Ross Mckillop

Ross Mckillop

10th November 2016

By popular request, it is now possible to associate the outbound leg of a forwarded (NTS) call with a trunk.

We’ve long enabled a number to be associated with an inbound trunk for billing purposes, allowing customers to effectively associate an inbound call leg with an individual trunk, and enforce limits on that number (e.g. simultaneous channels)

A few customers have commented that, where a number is forwarded to a PSTN endpoint, it would be useful to associate that outbound leg with a trunk also, to simplify billing reconciliation and take advantage of rate limits and trunk-specific balances.

To enable this, the PSTN endpoint type now has an extra 'trunk' parameter, detailed in the API Documentation and exposed in the number configuration in the portal.

The outbound leg will be treated as if it had been called by this trunk, therefore this trunk will appear in the CDR and the outbound leg will be subject to available channels on the trunk, together with rate limits and any trunk balance.

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