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New stack update

Simon Woodhead

Simon Woodhead

21st June 2017

Many thanks for the positive feedback following the beta release of our new stack last week.

Registration Proxy

As advised, our (already beta) Registration Proxy has now been migrated to the beta stack so  User Agent registration and outbound calls from them will be handled there. Media on incoming calls will however continue to route through the old stack unless numbers are migrated to use the new stack beta.


Inbound calls

We previously advised you to contact us to migrate numbers but this is now available in the portal and API. In the portal, look for the options section of the number configuration as shown right. This will affect inbound calls to all end-points, notably those with SIP and Registration Proxy delivery.

Don’t forget to tweak your codecs to take advantage of glorious full-band error correcting Opus!



Whilst SDES/SRTP on outbound calls is under your control (since your equipment sends the INVITE) and we react, for inbound calls the reverse is true. For numbers configured to use the beta stack  you will now notice a new option under the SIP endpoint configuration relating to SDES. This governs whether our equipment offers SDES at all, and further whether it is necessary for the call to complete, or simply desirable. How your equipment responds therefore dictates how the call progresses.

Please remember there is little point having encrypted audio on a call where the signalling is not also encrypted (given the signalling carries the crypto-keys used for the audio). To have your incoming calls delivered over TLS, your equipment needs to be reachable on port tcp/5061 and you need to add


to the target URI when configuring the endpoint in our portal or API.

For the Registration Proxy, simply REGISTER over TLS and that transport will be used for incoming calls.


We hope you like the new features and look forward to your feedback. Please do remember to test the new stack against your equipment. Once it is live, any incompatibilities will be service affecting for you!

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