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CommCon 2018

Simon Woodhead

Simon Woodhead

9th October 2017

By Simon Woodhead

We’re delighted to confirm we’re the first Platinum Sponsor of a whole new telephony event in 2018 – CommCon.

Almost a year ago, Dan Jenkins and I were at AstriCon 2016, discussing how poorly attended open-source events were by UK ITSPs, perhaps because they all involve a lot of travel. Sure, if you want to buy yourself an award or sell to people who want to sell to you, there’s plenty of choice. But for engineers, and those who want to support the communities we all profit from, there’s next to nothing. We committed to create one – run by the community for the community!

Well, he’s gone and done it! CommCon will be June 25-29 2018 in Surrey, UK. The event is fully residential (inclusive) to maximise the community effect, and there’ll be some great speakers from around the world including the major projects. Speakers will be selected on merit alone, so you won’t be subjected to sponsors talking just because they’re sponsors. Fingers crossed my talk is selected!

Tickets are on-sale now and strictly limited, so get in quick!



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