Local US and Euro area bank accounts / References / Fraud

Simon Woodhead

Simon Woodhead

27th December 2017

Our growing band of USA-based customers are now able to make domestic ACH or wire payments in USD to our USA based bank account. Similarly, we have added a German based bank for EUR payments. Details are (behind login) in our support site.

In both cases, our UK-based accounts remain for international transfers and our GBP account remains unchanged. We hope this’ll further simplify the much appreciated act of paying us!

We’d also take this opportunity to remind customers that when sending a payment, please add your Simwood account number only as the reference. We presently receive all sorts of concoctions and in each case they delay processing of payments. At the risk of appearing condescending for those who do get it right, some examples follow:

Good Bad
939998 Prepayment 939998
Urgent 939998
Top-up 939998
939998 VoIP
Very urgent
Account 939998
939998 no 0.01

We still pursue the holy grail of a bank with API notification of inbound payments, to ensure payments are added instantly on receipt. Accurate references are essential for this to ever be a reality.

Finally, we see increasing levels of fraud involving our bank accounts. Presently this ranges from CEO fraud through to scrotes setting up Direct Debits with BT using our published bank account details. Please note we will never ask our customers to make one-off payments to any address other than the published details, and these change very rarely. If in doubt, please check with us.

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