Simon Woodhead

Simon Woodhead

1st December 2017

By Simon Woodhead

Today, Simwood eSMS Limited and its USA-based operation Simwood Inc. became wholly owned subsidiaries of Simwood Group PLC. This has no impact whatsoever on customer contracts or the services we provide, it is simply a reorganisation with no change in the ultimate ownership of the business.

The eagle-eyed will recall this being mentioned in 2015, which is when we incorporated the PLC, but it has taken until now to ensure the new structure was as required. There are many reasons underlying this change, not least us moving one step closer to share ownership for our team but also ensuring continuity in the event of the death of the primary shareholder. Of course, it provides a clean structure to facilitate future acquisitions and investments, and the ‘PLC’ badge can only help!

Naturally, if there’s any questions or concerns arising from this do please get in touch.

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