LRN-based billing

Simon Woodhead

Simon Woodhead

9th June 2018

As many readers will know, we’ve been a domestic operator in the USA as a licensed CLEC since 2017. North America benefits from enviably effective number portability. When a number (fixed or mobile) is ported, a central database is updated. There’s then no residual dependency on the legacy carrier – the ported number simply serves as a pointer to the new one.

When the ported number is called, carriers consult the central database then route calls to the new number which is known as the LRN (Local Routing Number). As a domestic carrier, we participate in this system so that isn’t something customers need worry about.

However, it is normal in the domestic market that calls are billed based on the LRN rather than the dialled number. Effective immediately we will now be doing this for all Simwood traffic to North America.

Practically, as we presently offer a blended rate for ‘USA – Proper’ the implications of this for customers should be negligible. However, as this operates across North America it is theoretically possible for a USA number to be ported to (and thus billed as) Canada, or New York to Hawaii for example. Our CDRs will continue to reflect the number dialled but the billed destination will be appropriate for the LRN.

We do have an API to lookup LRNs which is in use by a few domestic USA customers. Lookups are chargeable but if there is an appetite we will happily make this available to UK and international customers.


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