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FREE IP Transit!

Simon Woodhead

Simon Woodhead

7th September 2018

As a special offer for customers with paid Direct Connects* to Simwood, or ordering new ones before September 30th, we’re now offering free IP Transit on the same port!

We’ve tried to encourage customers to directly connect on many occasions to improve service levels for your customers. Even if Simwood is one of a number of suppliers you work with, the chances are we already peer with the other one(s). 90% of the traffic we pass flows directly to bilateral peers for quite simply un-matched performance.

The price per Gb Direct Connect port is £500 set-up and £150 per month, now with all the partial and full-transit you can eat; POA for 10Gb+. Direct Connect and IP Transit can co-exist on the same port, or indeed customers may wish to order multiple ports for separation.

To upgrade or order Direct Connect ports in any of our UK sites*, please speak to Frazer! Don’t forget we can help you with end-user and inter-site connectivity too.

* Offer excludes Manchester and international sites.

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