Capacity, capacity, and a huge thank you!

Simon Woodhead

Simon Woodhead

24th October 2018

By Simon Woodhead

Over the course of 2018 we’ve quadrupled our outbound capacity to keep pace with customer demand; that is within the UK and excludes the USA which now represents a large proportion of the traffic we transit.

When it comes to inbound, we’ve also finally been able to bring in to service new BT capacity with a new switch in a new site ordered almost a year ago. This has been quite a major distraction and time-sink that we’re glad to have behind us!

Those who attended Simcon 1 will be more familiar with this. It increases inbound capacity by 50% on paper but in reality more as we now have 3 sites facing each BT exchange rather than 2. It is also before adding the benefits of BT Zero – our efforts to reduce the proportion of traffic transiting BT.

But we can’t stop there. We’ve today signed off the interconnection to a further 2 BT POIs, further improving resilience, and further doubling our inbound capacity over the next 6 months! This will require the upgrade of existing switches which is planned for the coming month and for which we’ll issue maintenance notifications.

We’re incredibly grateful that at a time when others are in managed decline, or throwing in the towel to resell someone else, we’re racing around to keep up with growth. We’re blessed with some awesome customers who are growing strongly, and being the go to provider for very impressive new entrants to the market.

Thank you all very much, we appreciate you!

When we went to build our hosted cloud PBX offerings in the UK, Simwood was our obvious choice as a partner. Beyond the technical advantages, they’re an absolute pleasure to work with as well.

Simwood took the time to understand our business and our unique needs, and then offered suggestions and solutions above and beyond what we’ve ever received from any other carrier — even when there wasn’t a direct financial motivation for the additional help.

Simwood has a great combination of technical advantages, community focus, and great people. We highly recommend Simwood as more than just a telecommunications vendor, but as an invaluable business partner.

— Jared Smith, Director of Cloud Technologies, Sangoma

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