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US numbering now available (in testing)

Simon Woodhead

Simon Woodhead

24th October 2018

As previously signalled, we’re really pleased to make US numbering available through the portal in testing. As it is in testing there are some known interface fixes to be deployed shortly and the provisioning experience may change – we’ve got some work to do here but wanted to get something out to you. Voice service once provisioned can be considered a beta. We expect to bring this fully live in November.

New numbers can be provisioned and the ability to port existing numbers in will follow very shortly.

We’re setting pricing at a very safe £1 per month and £0.01 per minute (6/6) of incoming call but this will be refined over the coming months and is expected to reduce substantially for Virtual and Managed Interconnect customers as we take this out of beta. This pricing is for international customers dealing with Simwood eSMS Limited; direct US customers contracted with Simwood Inc will enjoy different pricing and domestic tax treatment. Per minute charging will apply immediately, with rentals applying from when the service is brought live.

We know many of you have been eagerly awaiting this and look forward to your feedback!

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