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VoxAP: One more thing…

Simon Woodhead

Simon Woodhead

31st October 2018

Thanks to those of you who enrolled for early access to the VoxAP beta last week.

We don’t intend revealing the entire road-map here, but we really want your input to shape development priorities. We’re very happy to discuss under NDA (you know, the legalistic things others require for price lists) and will be diving into detail at SimCon.

Meanwhile though, we mentioned how the app would be an endpoint for our trunks, we didn’t mention yours. We’re currently repurposing technology we developed for Simwood Mobile such that the Simwood network can register to your own hosted PBX solution, in short making VoxAP a registered end-point on your PBX-solution whilst preserving its unique quality, security, and privacy features. Oh yeah, and you can brand it!

If you’re interested in early access, please register for the private beta.



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