Simwood Christmas Opening Hours

27th November 2018

By Ateeq Rehman

As we approach this wonderful festive time of the year, we would like to notify all our customers of our office opening hours and last port dates of 2018!

The last porting date will be 21st December 2018, our normal porting services will resume from 2nd January 2019. This means that no ports can complete during this period. We would advise any planned ports to be done early December or wait for the New Year so you can have a stress free Christmas! Dates selected within this period will be changed to the next available date in the new year.

Our porting desk will be closed on 24th December and will reopen on 2nd January 2019; our support desk will be open during normal working hours 9am – 5pm GMT excluding bank holidays, i.e. Christmas Day, Boxing Day & New Year’s day.

Keep your account topped up!

Running out of credit is not classed as an emergency and, as you know, the bank will not be checked during the bank holidays or outside working hours, we’d advise our customers to top up their accounts with enough credit to last over the festive period so you can enjoy your Christmas and New Year in peace, or you can make use of the emergency top-up facility in the portal.

Let’s make sure the Grinch doesn’t steal your Christmas!

Keep on top of your fraud controls! Lock your credit balance. For most of our customers the festive period will be quieter than usual. Whilst we encourage you to have ample prepay credit to last, you do not need to put it all at risk. You can set a locked balance based on what you expect your average spend to be. If, for any reason, you reach this limit the rest of your balance is kept safe!

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