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Simon Woodhead

Simon Woodhead

6th December 2018

By Simon Woodhead

I’m delighted to announce a few changes in our team!

I mentioned recently how Thomas Hadden had joined us as COO of Simwood Inc, bringing his decades of experience to building our US operations. I’m now pleased to report that our long-standing (or long-suffering!) Group Chairman, Grahame Davies, has accepted the position of COO of Simwood eSMS Limited, i.e. our UK business.

As many of you will know, Grahame brings a lifetime of relevant business experience having been co-founder of Demon Internet, and Group CEO of Easynet, along with being the Chairman of LINX. He also runs a sheet-music website and pulls many illustrations from there! Based in Bristol, at least part of the week, he is working to enable us to scale further operationally and taking on our existing work towards ISO9001 and ISO27001. Beyond this, he’ll be defining a new role of Managing Director which we intend to fill in the coming years.

Secondly, we welcome Alister Ross as part-time CMO. Alister brings a wealth of experience across all sectors and has relevant past experience in telecoms. He’ll be picking up much of the sterling work Frazer has been doing recently and hopefully helping more great customers know where we are. You can really help him by letting us know what you think.

Last but by no means least, in what has to be the community’s worst kept secret, Kathleen King of FreeSWITCH fame, will be joining us in Bristol as a Level 2 SIP Engineer. I know many of you will know and like Kathleen so we’re very excited to have her. She is American as you will know and we’re in the late stages of the visa process with a view to her starting in January. All being well, those of you who don’t know her will meet her at SimCon2 (if you booked a ticket in time – they’re going fast!).

Thanks as always for your interest and support, and I know you’ll make them all feel welcome.


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