Please Update Our US Payment Details

Andrew Davies

Andrew Davies

20th December 2018

We’ve amended our bank details to reflect changes made to our USD payment account, so from now on if you pay us in USD using Transferwise you must ensure you include the new account name;

TransferWise FBO Simwood eSMS Limited

It is imperative that the Account Name is included exactly as shown, as incorrectly addressed payments will be rejected.

Please see our account top-up page on our support centre for more information on payments, you will need to be logged in to the support centre to view this.

It’s worth mentioning here that we prefer Transferwise for in-country USD payments, and your payment will be processed quicker, so if you’re in the US and still using our old Barclays Bank account please do take a moment to update our details!

No other details have changed, and as always, if you have any queries please do send in a ticket to Support or e-mail us on

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