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Announcing global numbering!

Simon Woodhead

Simon Woodhead

24th January 2019

By Simon Woodhead

In addition to our top tier position in the UK, and our build-out to a similar goal in the USA, I’m delighted to say that numbers are now available in a further 60 countries. This means we can now provide service from over 9,000 area codes, representing 92% of the global economy!

I’ve fiercely resisted calls to do this over the years because, as a business, reselling local operators is fraught with difficulty, and our normal approach of expanding our own footprint is simply unviable on that scale. We have also investigated a number of solutions that proved to not meet our high standards. Instead, we have partnered with an operator who does meet our standards, that we have known at a high level for many years, and to whom we can add value through our anycast technology and interconnection of our global PoPs.

The upshot for you is that you can now enjoy local numbering nigh-globally, delivered as locally as possible, through the Simwood API and portal you’ve come to know and love.

Commercially it is a bit of a challenge, and one normally tackled through expensive minimum commitments or having high minute fees.

These don’t really work for us.

Instead, to keep it simple, we’re offering Global Numbers to all account types for a flat monthly fee per number and a simple per-channel cost, with channels shared across all your Global Numbers starting at just one channel if that’s all you need! Rates are shown here.

Initially we’re only offering geographic numbers, but toll-free and porting are all on the cards – let us know your priorities!

Whilst we do have some work to do to integrate this with the portal and API, we wanted to let you know about this as soon as possible, so numbers are available immediately – just raise a support ticket – or Frazer will be only too pleased to discuss it with you!

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