Switch to Direct Debit and get 30 days credit

Simon Woodhead

Simon Woodhead

22nd August 2019

We’ve offered Direct Debit as a payment option you can configure in the portal for donkey’s years now, and the majority of our payments by value come in this way. We note though that a lot of you are configured to pay by card and we’d like you to consider switching!

When we process invoices for services, those who have selected settlement from prepayment see payment deducted immediately, cards within 24 hours, but those choosing Direct Debit get 30 days credit – we’ll automatically take payment on or after the due date. And of course you get the Direct Debit Guarantee should we mess up!

PSD2 changes that were coming on September 14th, but are now coming over the next 18 months, will require some recurring card transactions to be verified. This means your automatic payment will be declined until you respond – think of it like 3D Secure for recurring payments. We’re working to make this as elegant as we can, but if your bank is over-zealous in requesting verification, nothing we can do is going to make this a pleasant experience.

Switching to Direct Debit, not only gives you 30 days credit, but also prevents any disruption through payment challenges, which may lead to disruption of your service if unresolved.

To update your account payment options please see the Payments tab in the portal, and the ‘Invoice payment method’ box at the top right.

Please note, these options relate to invoiced services only. Only Managed Interconnect customers are offered credit for call charges, all other service levels are prepaid.

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