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Simon Woodhead

Simon Woodhead

2nd December 2019

By Simon Woodhead

I’m delighted to announce some fairly significant changes to our organisational structure.

One of the main appeals for us with Sipcentric was the excellent team, their development processes and their smarts. Contrary to the way most acquisitions seem to pan out, we’ve given a number of the Sipcentric team significant positions in the wider combined business.

Charles Chance, Sipcentric founder and CEO, has agreed to step up to Group CTO and also be a group Director. We’ve never had a CTO previously, in part because I’ve struggled with the prospect of letting go of shiny things with flashing lights and one of our core differentiators. Charles is the right person at the right time to take us to the next level and I’m really excited by the direction of travel.

Others from Charles’ team are also taking up senior positions in our technical team as we move to cleanly separate Dev and Site Reliability Engineering (formerly DevOps), with development now lead by Josh and SRE by David Maitland, also a Director of Sipcentric.

This also enables us to put in place a senior management team (SMT) across the whole business, recognising the position and contribution of the likes of Frazer Barnett, who many of you will know. Our fledgling SMT is thus:

  • Grahame Davies, Group Chairman and COO
  • Charles Chance, Group CTO
  • Thomas Hadden, COO, Simwood Inc
  • Frazer Barnett, Sales Manager
  • David Maitland, SRE Manager
  • me

We’re very excited about this maturity and professionalising of our top team, and I, in particular, very much welcome and appreciate the support.

Of course, highlighting these leadership changes should not neglect the great work going on at every level of the business and the tireless efforts by all the team. I appreciate them all as I’ll expand upon in my usual (last year’s) Christmas report in a few weeks time. You can meet many of them at SimCon3!

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