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SimCon3 – new accommodation

Simon Woodhead

Simon Woodhead

14th February 2020

SimCon3 is rapidly filling up. If you would like to stay in the main hotel (4*) then you need to book really quick – there’s two tickets left there.

However, we’re pleased to open up some new accommodation at a special price for a slightly lower standard (3*). This is located right next to the hotel and has full use of the same facilities (gym, pool bar, breakfast). Transport to/from Simwood House will also be available as it is leaves from the hotel.

If you haven’t booked a ticket yet, you can check out the agenda and book at

We’ve also now finalised the winners of SimCon Awards. None of them have nominated themselves. None of them have booked dinner or advertising packages. All of them are doing good in our community and we look forward to saluting them. We hope you’ll be there with a drink in hand.

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