Openreach porting ‘plan B’

Simon Woodhead

Simon Woodhead

26th March 2020

By Simon Woodhead

Further to yesterday’s update, and characteristically later than promised, we’ve had an update from BT on their plans for Number Portability where it involves BT.

Please see below statement on our Number Port/Migration services function.

The Indian Government has introduced expansive restrictions and stringent controls on the movement of people in its attempt to protect the Indian population from the Coronavirus pandemic. As a result this is having a significant impact on our ability to serve you.

We have been working to understand what porting capability can be offered to our customers in light of the rapid lockdown experienced in India.

Our current service is significantly impacted, during this time there will be delays in responses however we are standing up additional agent resource with the aim to return to as near a business as usual service as possible on data actions by early next week. We will address existing backlogs and focussing on activation delays with potential loss of service as a priority.

In the interim we ask that the escalation channel is not used unless the port involves a welfare case or potential loss of service.Voice routes will remain closed until further notice.

Wasn’t that worth waiting for!

For what it is worth, Simwood and other operators with Business Continuity plans (which seems to be all of them including those who off-shore) are porting as normal. BT also seem to be managing to request exports from other operators. Purportedly this is automated.

Day 3 and our letter to Ofcom remains unacknowledged.

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