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SimCon4 and something new!

Simon Woodhead

Simon Woodhead

8th June 2020

By Simon Woodhead

We were lucky with the timing for SimCon3 – sneaking it in before COVID-19 really became a thing. Naturally we were worried about it, and obviously we took a lot of precautions but a month later and it wouldn’t even have been an option. It was well attended in the circumstances, the talks were great, and everyone had a good time safely we think!

Looking forward to next year, where we’d ordinarily start planning soon, we’ve decided the safest decision to make is to not do it. There will not be a SimCon4 in 2021. We just can’t see life being normal enough come February next year for doing so safely. We have some exciting ideas for 2022 though!

So, what are we going to do to bring you the best speakers in the community in the mean-time? We’re going to try this YouTube thing and bring you the same great content over the course of the year as a regular one-show one-guest channel. One exciting aspect is we won’t be too constrained by the schedule and that means fewer prepared slides and more down and dirty code and knowledge sharing.

We’ve hesitated to call it SimCon Weekly because that puts quite some pressure on delivering it, erm, weekly. We just don’t know if we can and we want the content value to be high. So having considered ‘SimCon Often’, we’ve decided to run with ‘SimCron’!

We need to get ourselves organised so at this stage, we want to know if this is something you’re interested in and who/what you’d love to see covered. There are more awesome people in our community we haven’t got to a SimCon yet, so maybe this is the forum.

Like SimCon itself, this is community focussed and talks must be of interest to Simwood customers, as well as the wider community, and sales pitches won’t be published. If you’re interested in being a guest or want us to tell you when content is published, please let us know below.

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