USA reductions

Simon Woodhead

Simon Woodhead

27th October 2020

By Simon Woodhead

Following the progress of Simwood Inc, we’ve had a number of our UK customers asking whether they can access services through their UK accounts. Of course the answer is yes and you’ve been able to access NANPA numbering through the API and portal for a while, as well as send US SMS.

We’ve now adjusted the pricing! US SMS has been reduced to 1p/message (effective November 1st) across all service levels with numbers reduced to 25p each per month (effective immediately). Of course, at the time of writing we’re not even billing the rental but you have a feel for where it will be when we do. For full details please see our ancillary charges and numbering rates.

These are the rates for customers of Simwood eSMS Limited, different rates apply for USA-based customers contracting in the USA.

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