Christmas & New Year 2020 Porting Desk

Grahame Davies

Grahame Davies

25th November 2020

By Bruce Clark

Just like last year, Simwood’s porting desk will remain open and operational throughout the festive period, with the exception of the bank holidays of course.

However, as many providers are not operational through our Business As Usual times, and some are imposing “Data Freezes”, there will be periods when we will be unable to schedule porting requests.

We (the porting team) will do our best to ensure that all porting requests are processed according to the different opening times published by each Communication Provider (CP). Due to the complexities of different providers closing over different days, or part-days, and the uncertainty of what constitutes a “Working Day” for each CP, lead times may need to be extended. Thus we would highly advise that, if possible, porting requests are submitted with a few extra days lead-time for any port that is due to happen during the Christmas period.

We will use our judgement to avoid submitting porting requests on days where we believe a provider is only open for a half-day. This is because if that provider does not port the number correctly, then we will likely need extra time to get them to rectify their mistake. Additionally, we are also aware that the majority of CPs’ porting teams are drastically reduced over these periods, so it can take longer for requests to be fully processed or any problems addressed.

As ever, we’d be delighted to hear from you about this or any other porting matter at

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