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Reminder: No dirty surcharges

Simon Woodhead

Simon Woodhead

29th July 2021

By Simon Woodhead

With origination surcharges coming to UK fixed destinations from August 1st (following mobile on July 1st), we felt the need to remind you that Simwood has taken the decision NOT to pass these surcharges on to our wholesale customers. We will maintain this position as long as we can.

We find the whole regime offensive, passing unnecessary and potentially extortionate charges on to consumers. Those other wholesale operators who have elected to pass them on, which to our knowledge is all of them, are quite frankly weak of mind, character and technical capability! True values and priorities have been laid bare for all who care to see. 

They may try and downplay them, but they’re doing so having shifted the risk to you while they find out that detail and, however downplayed, they’re enjoying fattened margins by charging you a blended surcharge deck often on calls they’re not being surcharged for. Why? Because they can!

Fact: that new Range Rover is far more important to them than you or your customers.

By contrast, we’re not passing on surcharges, we’re carrying the risk, we’re using technology that was unique 10 years ago and apparently still is to ensure nobody abuses us. As such, our customers don’t need to worry about surcharges, they don’t need to worry about the August 1st bill-shock, they don’t need to make complicated billing and routing system changes to accommodate them.

Decency matters!

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