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A New Day at Simwood

Grahame Davies

Grahame Davies

19th October 2021

By Grahame Davies

The idea that Simwood might ever have a CEO other than Simon had rarely crossed my mind until discussions about how the future might look, and what my role in that might be, evolved. Of course, most companies have strategic aims and contingency plans which could lead to such an eventuality at some point and it’s always good to be prepared. 

I am delighted to have the opportunity to become Simwood CEO and to continue my vision of making Simwood an even better company. To do that whilst reporting to the board with Simon as Executive Chairman is the perfect scenario in which to do this. Simwood has an amazing team of bright, hardworking people and it’s a pleasure to combine our strengths.

This management change does not signal a fundamental change in strategy. However, I will be taking a refreshed view at some activities, considering priorities and working closely with the Senior Management Team and all our staff to deliver service improvements and enhance the way we work. I will be also drawing further on our excellent network of consultants to make best use of their skills and experience.

I plan on getting to know our customers better too and would like to thank those who have already reached out to me. Please get in contact if there’s more we can do to help you, anything you want to discuss or simply to provide feedback. Virtual is good but face to face meetings can work too – preferably in London or Bristol.

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