How Compliant Are You?

Grahame Davies

Grahame Davies

5th November 2021

By Grahame Davies

We’ve always paid close attention to regulation and compliance in an industry which has had a reputation for playing fast and loose and paying scant regard for such matters. But there’s more to compliance than taking a defensive stance, there’s sometimes a moral view or a more positive interpretation of what might be meant rather than what is written.

At Simwood we want to look not just at the black and white changes to implement but also the true essence of regulations whether it be emergency calls, obfuscation of help line numbers or the forthcoming implementation of the European Electronic Communications Code.

Compliance is critical. Conforming and being aware of risks is tough when you have a compliance team but it’s even tougher when voice services are just one of many services your business sells, as we know from speaking with many of our customers and partners.

We have had Pete Farmer catalysing us with his invaluable insights and legal precision for some time now which has led to many significant wins for us. You may have read one of his occasional blog articles here too. Therefore I am delighted to announce that he has been appointed Chief Compliance Officer.  Pete brings an extensive history in worldwide commercial, interconnection and regulatory matters. He’s also a member of the Comms Council UK Secretariat. His role at Simwood will be to proactively lead the company on compliance and hold us to high standards and you will see him acting on our behalf through our blogs and communications to our channel customers and partners in the coming months.

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