Dirty surcharges come to 03 and 08 (except here)

Simon Woodhead

Simon Woodhead

8th August 2022

By Simon Woodhead

In the latest twist to the sordid tail of origin surcharges, it seems to me that those emboldened by having got away with surcharging calls to fixed and mobile have decided to try their luck applying the same to calls to 03 and 08. Meanwhile those who like to mark-up, blend and profit from passing these on are falling over themselves to do so.

As with calls to geographic and mobile transiting the Simwood network, we will be maintaining our position of NOT passing these on to our customers. We will be absorbing them where they occur, saving customers from bill-shock, and ensuring there is no arbitrage or abuse using our advanced technology.

We’re very grateful to those customers who recognise and value this unique position, which doesn’t come without cost. Integrity matters to us so we’d do it anyway, but it is comforting to not be alone.

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