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Trunk routing config (and more) now live

Simon Woodhead

Simon Woodhead

17th March 2023

By Simon Woodhead

When we did the Carrier Services pricing review, we gave a heads-up that we were making a change on June 1st which would recognise the value of having numbers individually configured, whilst encouraging customers to not do so where unnecessary. 

Two approaches to doing so are

  1. to use the default configuration on the account, which applies to all numbers which do not have an individual configuration
  2. to add a default configuration at trunk level, and associate a number with the appropriate trunk

Many customers had avoided the use of default configurations, perhaps because the cost of doing so was zero, resulting in millions of unnecessary individual configurations that were fundamentally the same.

I’m pleased the heads-up has led many to apply a default configuration, greatly easing their own management of numbering resources and making things far more efficient all round.

For those who haven’t yet, and have been waiting patiently, we’ve made four new changes:

  1. A report of individually configured numbers is now available in the API
  2. The same report is now visible in the portal in the number management area
  3. Trunk configs can now be set and applied through the API
  4. The same can now be set and applied through the portal

Our API doc and various knowledgebase guides (how to see individually configured numbers & how to configure trunk routing [login required]) have been updated.

We think the addition of trunk routing gives maximum flexibility ranging from configuring a single number uniquely, to managing millions of numbers once, and now every permutation in between. We hope you find it useful.

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