Ireland ‘Special Offer’

Simon Woodhead

Simon Woodhead

20th July 2023

By Simon Woodhead

We don’t do ‘special offers’ but I wanted to grab your attention, and the title will be karmic in certain quarters!

I mentioned last month how we were pushing for Zero Defect Routing by raising the quality of our international termination. We don’t claim to be a carrier in any country other than the UK and the US, although we’re licensed in several. Therefore, in order to complete our A-Z offer and make it the best it can be, we need to work with the best of the best regionally and in local markets. That reduces our support costs and, counterintuitively, reduces our rates to you too.

As those changes are working their way through I noticed how well the algorithm had improved pricing for Ireland and wanted to highlight it as an example of what is happening. 

Amusingly, while one of our UK peers claims to be an Irish carrier as well (but nobody has ever seen a network map for either country), our rates are now up to 34% cheaper than theirs!

Latest ‘Startup’ tariff rates in GBP*:

BreakoutRate (£/min)
Ireland – Dublin0.004
Ireland – Proper0.004
Ireland – Mobile – H3G0.006
Ireland – Mobile – Lycatel0.006
Ireland – Mobile – Meteor0.006
Ireland – Mobile – Carphone0.006
Ireland – Mobile – Vodafone0.006
Ireland – Mobile – O20.006
Ireland – Mobile – Other0.007
Ireland – Non Geographic0.100
Ireland – PNS0.100

If you don’t have us in route for our home markets of UK and US, you’re missing out – but if you run an LCR and care about quality, you’re missing out not having our A-Z too!

Please note we’re not passing on origin surcharges and thus a predominance of surcharged traffic will be blocked by our anti-arbitrage systems, and please also note that Irish CLI on international calls to Ireland is not permitted and will also lead to calls being blocked.

* Latest announced rate at time of blog publication, effective from July 22nd. Please see for current rates if reading this in the future.

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