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Canadian VoIP Fraud

Simon Woodhead

Simon Woodhead

28th November 2023

By Simon Woodhead

For the last 6 months or so, I’ve been quietly working with journalists and producers from Canada CBC’s “The Fifth Estate” – their equivalent of the BBC’s Panorama – on a long-running investigation into VAT fraud involving VoIP, which they’ve now aired.

We haven’t mentioned fraud in a good while but it is nice to still be regarded as an authority on it and fascinating to work on a project like this. As you can imagine, they went to incredible depths in their investigation but presented the findings in a very accessible way. Some of the evidence I was asked to appraise was pretty astonishing in its blatantness.

I won’t let my view colour your own interpretation of who the guilty parties were but would encourage all our customers to have a look at this and be careful not to unwittingly get involved in something like this. As I said in the recent blog on quality, running a legitimate business with a clean reputation makes you a honeypot for those with neither, at least where the traffic actually exists in the first place.

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