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Introducing Sipcentric

The Sipcentric hosted PBX platform enables you, the partner, to deliver an industry-leading service at competitive pricing. Not only does it give you and your customers complete control over their communications, everything is branded in your name so your customers remain your own.

Built entirely in-house, the platform is one of the most reliable and feature-rich available on the market today. It’s also 10 years old and extremely well established; added to Simwood’s 20+ years of industry knowledge and rock-solid network, it’s a winning combination for anyone looking to grow their business and partner with someone who gets ‘it’.


Everything you need to build a hosted telephony business

Partner portal

You’ll have full control over your customers. Add and remove features, see bills and usage, create new pricing plans and tariffs; all in real-time making you completely self-sufficient.

White label

Build credibility and increase customer loyalty by matching the look and feel of your own website. Plus, with branded invoices, emails, and apps on your own domain, it really is a true white-label service.

Full access

Unlike others, our seat pricing includes access to all apps and integrations, including Communicator (web softphone) and Analytics (call analysis / wallboard), with no additional charges.

Your pricing

Our partner pricing enables you to add value and margin accordingly. Set your own pricing, create your own tariffs, build your own minute bundles and choose who can have them.

A platform so good you never need to worry

Our hosted voice platform is wholly owned, replicated across several data centres, and managed by an expert team of engineers and developers. It’s not reliant on third parties and you’ll never need to worry about downtime or software updates. Instead, you can focus on delivering high-quality service with a great user experience whilst we uphold the high standards you’d expect from a network and service of our size.

If you did want to get technical and dive a little deeper into the architecture, we would be more than happy to discuss it with you (and without an NDA!). Similarly, if you have ambitions to run your own network and voice platform, we have a solution for that too.

Get started

Schedule a demo and we’ll show you around the platform, discuss pricing and set you up with a demo phone system to try out.

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Check out some of the other reasons to partner with us and how we’re changing the landscape of hosted VoIP for the better.

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