Special Offer: Geographic Number Portability

Simon Woodhead

Simon Woodhead

2nd May 2013

For the month of May we are reducing our charges on the porting in of geographic numbers from the following  network operators:

  • BT
  • Vodafone (Thus)
  • Vodafone (Your Communications)
  • Gamma Telecom (inc. hosted clients who have delegated porting)
  • Telephony Services (AQL, Gradwell and hosted clients who have delegated porting)
  • Magrathea Telecom (inc. hosted clients who have delegated porting)

Single-line port submissions (and re-submissions) for the above operators will be billed at just £2.50 where the request is received by us up until 23h59 on May 31st.

Multi-line (simple & complex) ports, subsequent ports and ports for other operators will continue to be charged at our standard rates. Offers for other operators will follow according to demand.

As a reminder, ported numbers are billed at our standard rental rates and can be fully controlled using our leading API or portal.

We hope this will enable our customers to win lots of new business in May!

Naturally, please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries.

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