Advanced Call Cost Control



7th June 2013

Uniquely we allow our customers to leverage our own call control platform to set their own limits on a per trunk, and per class of destination, basis – such as limiting rate of calls and maximum channel utilisation.  These tools, and our advanced API which provides real-time call information across the Simwood network, help our customers to effectively manage their calls and reduce their exposure to fraud.

As the latest addition to this, we have implemented a custom header, X-simwood-maxcpm, in the initial SIP INVITE for an outbound call with which you can limit the cost per minute of that outgoing call without your own SIP platform constantly needing to maintain an up-to-date copy of our rate deck.

This feature takes into account your actual cost per minute of the call based on the time of the call, the selected rate deck, and your own local billing currency (GBP, EUR or USD)

Default cost per minute limitation

With SIP fraud an increasing threat, you may wish to set this for every outbound call to a relatively high value (e.g. around 15p/min) could effectively cut off access to the most prevalent fraudulent destinations and reduce the risk of any nasty surprises.

Ensuring call forwarding is viable

If you operate services on a revenue sharing number (e.g. an 0844 call forwarding service) you may wish to use this to ensure calls are only forwarded when commercially viable.  So by setting X-simwood-maxpcm: 0.025 you’d ensure numbers are not forwarded to loss-making destinations.

Call Connection Charge

Where a destination has a non-zero connection charge associated with it and a limit on the cost per minute is set the call will not complete, as the connection charge could exceed the cost per minute.  This behaviour can be changed with the corresponding X-simwood-maxcpc header which works in a similar way.


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