Prepayment by card

Simon Woodhead

Simon Woodhead

5th September 2013

By popular demand customers are now able to top-up prepayment accounts in real-time using Visa, MasterCard or American Express. We still prefer payments by bank transfer but using a card is a way of adding emergency credit, particularly outside office hours, or for some customers as an alternative to international wire transfers.

You will find* a new tab under “Payments” in the portal from which you can make a card payment in the currency of your account. We’ll charge you in the currency concerned, avoiding bank currency conversion if your card is also in that currency.

To reflect the increased cost, card pre-payments will be charged at GBP 7.50, EUR 9.00 or USD 12.00 as appropriate. Payments will be for exactly the minimum prepayment amount (i.e. GBP 250, EUR 300 or USD 400) plus the fee, and not variable – to prepay more please use a bank transfer.

As with the ability to pay invoices by card, your card details will never be processed or stored on Simwood systems.

We hope you’ll find this a convenient option.


* As a fraud protection measure this facility may be withdrawn on an account entirely at our discretion.

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