4 quick ways to help stay safe from VoIP fraud this Christmas

Simon Woodhead

Simon Woodhead

19th December 2013

We want you to relax this Christmas so if you don’t already, why not make use of the multitude of features we offer to restrict the VoIP traffic you can send on your account with us should you or one of your customers be compromised. The bad guys will not be taking Christmas off and the fact that you will be away from your screen enjoying yourself sadly makes this a vulnerable time of year.

Some of the features we offer require development time to implement but there’s three you can set up in moments:

  1. Automated fraud alerts. We send you an email immediately when we see call attempts to known problem numbers. Why not set this to your NOC address or give us details to send these by SMS? You can have as many addresses and numbers as you need. The SMS is simply an alert though, full details will only be in the email version.
  2. Lock your credit balance. For most of our customers the festive period will be quiet in terms of volume and spend. Whilst we encourage you all to have ample prepay credit to last you do not need to put it all at risk. In a few lines of code you can lock a proportion of your credit to control how much of your balance is available to spend.
  3. Set max call cost headers. With a simple header in your INVITE to us you can control your risk by putting a cap on the amount we’ll charge you per minute and in terms of one-off per call charges. If you send us a call which is more expensive, we’ll reject it and send you an alert (see 1).
  4. Be careful with failover. It is all well and good us blocking traffic to protect you, but if you then send it to another carrier who doesn’t, the effect is the same – a miserable Christmas!! Consider commenting out alternative carriers in your routing and instead use our three redundant sites for redundant routing. In the unlikely event of us having a nationwide outage you can put the other route back quickly!

Enjoy yourselves and stay safe!

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