Limit your fraud exposure by locking your balance

Simon Woodhead

Simon Woodhead

19th December 2013

We offer lots and lots of features to help you avoid or contain the cost of fraudulent traffic from either your or your customer’s equipment being compromised. Today we’ve another new feature that we think will be really useful to you over the Christmas period when, quite rightly, you may not be looking quite as closely at things as the rest of the year.

In addition to the myriad of limits and alerts you can now lock a proportion of your balance to make it unavailable to spend. In other words, you can specify the balance at which we’ll treat your account as out of credit and kill calls. This would of course normally be zero but we know some customers like to keep large credit balances but do not want to risk the entire amount should they be unfortunate.

Full details are in the API manual (on page 16)

With this you can query your balance, set the lock to a suitable level below and hopefully relax into the festivities! Naturally, you can set this as infrequently or as often as you like to enable you to limit your spend over a given period.

We spend a massive amount of time looking at this as we simply don’t want our customers to fall victim even though the short term gain we’d see if we took a more relaxed approach would be enormous. We hope that factors in your choice of provider and we share in your success long term but do please remember – you are responsible for your own security and the traffic you send us and features like this can only be best efforts on our part. Also remember, if you have a carrier second in route they will get the traffic when we block it and we doubt they’ll be as inclined to reject it.




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