Realtime Channel Information

Ross Mckillop

Ross Mckillop

9th January 2014

Our portal, and the API on which it is built, has always offered a view of the number of channels currently in use, along with historic usage information which is graphed in the portal.

To date this only reflected calls that had actually completed to the ringing or answered state (i.e. calls that were being set up were not included, although occupying a channel on our switches)

From today your actual channel utilisation is available in realtime through the API and portal.  For some customers, especially those with poor ASRs, they may observe a marked increase in channels in use – as we now count the number of channels that you are using rather than the number of calls that have been successfully established.  Unlike many providers though, we don’t charge per channel, so this is nothing to worry about.

These changes also improve the accuracy of your own channel limits, which can be configured via the API, allowing you to reduce your exposure to fraud by limiting the number of channels available to international destinations and fraud hotspots.

If you’re not already taking advantage of the ability to monitor your traffic using our API, take a look at our new API documentation


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