Balance related channel limits

Simon Woodhead

Simon Woodhead

6th June 2014

Presently we do not charge for channels allocated to customers but like any operator with the overhead of a network, they are a valuable resource and need to be used productively. Channel limits on outbound calls enable us to do this on a per account basis, whilst rate limits protect the network and other customers from unwanted traffic such as auto-dialler calls. These are of course different to the channel and rate limits we enable customers to configure per trunk for fraud control.

Whilst at the upper level channel and rate limits will be set at a level that is justified by traffic and technically feasible, we need to manage the resource usage of low balance accounts whilst ensuring that newer accounts can scale from testing through to low-level production seamlessly.

Accordingly, effective immediately, when an account has a balance of GBP 100 / USD 170 or EUR 125 a default limit of 30 outbound channels and 3 calls per second will be applied. Whilst the call rate limit will remain at 3cps, the channel limit will reduce linearly with the balance (e.g. at GBP 50 only 15 channels would be available) to a minimum of 3. The automated blocked call alerts will reflect any calls which have been rejected as a result.

Once an account is topped up to above the GBP 100 / USD 170 or EUR 125 level, the pre-configured channel limits will apply again as soon as the balance is updated. Customers are reminded that accounts can be topped up by card 24 hours a day in the customer portal.

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