API Changes Mean No More Waiting



21st August 2014

Our API is constantly being improved and expanded.  Recently we announced our Advanced Inbound Routing and New Trunk Controls which provide flexible call routing and configuration of outbound trunks using our straightforward HTTP JSON API.

Due to the nature of our network, API changes have historically taken a few minutes to propagate, meaning changes to number routing (e.g. to route to a temporary alternative PSTN destination in the event of customer equipment or connectivity failing) could take a short time.

Another example would be disabling a trunk (e.g. due to a compromised customer server, or fraudulent use) – there may be a few minutes in which calls would complete.

We’re pleased to announce that these changes now take place immediately in most cases.  Due to our unique RAM-based routing we can now make these changes in place with very low latency and minimal propagation delays.  The effect is that most such changes will now take place within a second which we believe offers unrivaled flexibility.

If you’re still using our old number configuration API take a look at the Advanced Inbound Routing – we encourage customers to migrate as we’ll continue to build new features into this in the coming months, and it’ll be essential for the new Simwood Mobile API.

As always, we welcome your feedback on this – and other API developments – and you can always find our latest API documentation at

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