Realtime Call Webhooks



3rd October 2019

We recently introduced a number of webhooks, and realtime Call Control functionality allowing you to end calls in progress via the API.

Today, we’ve added two new webhooks; first, inprogress_summary, which is identical in its output to the existing calls in progress endpoint in APIv3, allowing you to have near-realtime statistics on the calls in progress on your account without the need to query the API repeatedly – it’s this data that powers the graph and summary data on the Portal.

Secondly, inprogress_calls provides a complete list of calls in progress, together with details of the destination and the duration and cost of the call so far – this is possible due to the unique way we bill calls, rating every call constantly throughout the call rather than relying on session limit timers or other means to approximate the call cost.

With inprogress_calls the trunk and tag associated with the call are also shown, so by consuming this data you can build your own logic in much the same way as our own fraud-prevention and limit controls work, for example, if you send you own customer account identifier in the X-simwood-tag SIP header you can easily total the value of all calls in progress per customer, and end calls in progress when it reaches a predetermined value.

This allows for an unprecedented level of dynamic call control using just simple HTTP endpoints, without having to touch the SIP at all, and even works with calls made over IDA, forwarded calls, etc.

This functionality is still in Beta, and is documented in the Simwood Webhooks Beta guide. As always, we welcome your feedback on any beta functionality.

TADHack 2019

If hacking creative solutions with APIs is your thing, don’t forget Simwood are sponsoring TADHack Global this year and will have members of the Simwood Team across the globe in London, Berlin, Chicago, and Johannesburg. We hope to see some of you there.

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